Centre for Andean Amazonian Studies

The Centre for Andean-Amazonian Studies (CAAS) promotes understanding, appreciation, and conservation of Peruvian Biodiversity. Participating in our courses will give you acompetitive edge in your pursuit for a career in the environmental field. You will earn credits from the National University of San Marcos, which will distinguish you from your peers when applying to graduate and professional school and when seeking employment, as it’s a well recognized 462 year old institution. It is the only university in Peru with a Nobel Price lauréate among its alumni: Mario Vargas Llosa (Literature).

You will have the opportunity to gain field research experience that will sharpen your ability to formulate solid hypotheses and research questions as you will be taking the courses in a variety of locations in Perulands. You will have a dual immersion experience, not only visiting Peru through the lens of science but also exploring local culture. CAAS students develop lifelong friendship. You will meet and study with students from different universities around the world. By the end of your CAAS journey, you will be inspired, culturally awakened, and a more conscious global citizen.

Short Courses: Climate Change and Sustainable Development

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